Past Updates

Past Updates

September 2017

Planet Formation (Morris Podolak), summary

August 2017

Austrian National Space Law (Cordula Steinkogler), summary
Exoplanets: Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters (Dmitry V. Bisikalo, Pavel V. Kaygorodov, Valery I. Shematovich), summary
Hot Planetary Coronas (Valery I. Shematovich, Dmitry V. Bisikalo), summary
Space Law and China (Fabio Tronchetti), summary

July 2017

Evolution of the Martian Crust (John C. Bridges), summary
International Satellite Law (Frans von der Dunk), summary
Noble Gases (Mario Trieloff), summary
Registration of Space Objects (Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd), summary
Space Law and Weapons in Space (Sa'id Mosteshar), summary